Manufacturing time! EP is in its last stages!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for falling behind in my updates here! I promise I'll send more updates with my email list! Please join my emailing list if you haven't done so now!


I'm at the last stages now, physical CD portion now!  After this stage, which is probably by the end of this's time for me to release it real soon now!  I'm hoping the release will be August 21st because everything takes time, and I just need a bit more time before I unleash my album to the world!

I'm setting up a crowdfunding page too, because I need your help!  It's a difficult time for me to do everything that I need, and I hope you can lend me a hand!

More details out soon, I'm just currently in the process of setting it up!

Otherwise, enjoy your Tuesday everyone!  I'm excited that my birthday is coming up this Friday! So that will be something.  I won't be doing much.  I'll definitely have ice cream!

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