A gal who can sing and play multiple instruments, loves to make everyone smile with inspirational and bittersweet melodies...and writes piano solos that bring you through journeys and memories.

Listen to my first recorded demo piano solo, "Discovery"! Click on the "PLAY" button below!

Friday, June 5th, 2020 - I'm BACK! 

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe and well!  

First and foremost, thank you for staying in the loop with my mailing list.  I appreciate your support immensely and I shall continue to spread my love of life and music to everyone!

I'm sorry I've been MIA, but I've been doing a lot of things and going through a lot.  Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, the whole world under lockdown! Since March until now, so many things have changed!  

I have been going through some health issues and I'm finally in the mend!  Now I finally got a chance to sit-down and update my site and write to you!  

As you all know, this lockdown has affected every single one of us and musicians like me have gone through a financial dive.  

I never like to ask online but I am at a point in my life, where I will breathe and know that it's ok to ask the world.

I hope that you all like my music and consider buying my CD/downloads/merch to help this hardworking musician to help her pay her day-to-day bills and help out with her groceries.  Every cent will help me immensely get through this difficult and unprecedented times.  I wish I can get back into recording and put out more inspirational and uplifting music, but first things first.  I must take care of myself.

Again,  I appreciate your support and I hope my music continues to be shared around the world!  

I promise I will continue to write more to you from here on. 

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

Keep your head up, keep smiling, keep taking pleasure in all the small things, slow down and take care of yourselves.

If you ever need to talk in this time, you're more than welcome to shoot me an email.  Please, don't hesitate to write.  I want to make sure you are ok too.

Until next post,


Jadzia Skye

Aug. 21st, 2019 - IT'S AVAILABLE NOW! 

MY EP DROPS NOW!  It's now available to everyone, everywhere!  You can purchase my digital downloads only or/and my physical CDs! This is exciting!  I hope you like my music and the message that some songs have.  It's been a long journey of 3 years or so putting this together.  Thank you for your support!

August 14th, 2019 - 7 days until my very first EP drops!!! OMG! 

It's really really happening!  My EP will be released very soon!  I'm so excited and nervous!  

My crowdfunding campaign is still on!  Head over to my crowdfunding page and if you believe in me, like my music, or even like me for who I am and you want to show some love by contributing in any way you can, please, I welcome that!  Totally appreciate that from the bottom of my heart! I accept donations too! A $1 can help me go a long way and I'll totally thank you here, and give shoutouts on social media! 

It's a long day...and I must sleep now....!  I guess I'll be having some sleepless nights for awhile!

July 19th, 2019...FINALLY! DAY ONE of my crowdfunding campaign! 

I slaved hours over it...and now I'm ready to release it!  I hope this crowdfunding, and with all you lovely peeps out there, 

can help me out.  I'm crying in my expenses, and I hope some can be crowdfunded back!  I can't wait until you all get my music!!

Don't be shy, and go head over to "crowdfunding" on top of this menu bar!  It'll bring you right to it!

Manufacturing time! EP is in its last stages! 

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for falling behind in my updates here! I promise I'll send more updates with my email list! Please join my emailing list if you haven't done so now!


I'm at the last stages now, physical CD portion now!  After this stage, which is probably by the end of this month...it's time for me to release it real soon now!  I'm hoping the release will be August 21st because everything takes time, and I just need a bit more time before I unleash my album to the world!

I'm setting up a crowdfunding page too, because I need your help!  It's a difficult time for me to do everything that I need, and I hope you can lend me a hand!

More details out soon, I'm just currently in the process of setting it up!

Otherwise, enjoy your Tuesday everyone!  I'm excited that my birthday is coming up this Friday! So that will be something.  I won't be doing much.  I'll definitely have ice cream!


Yesterday was a very very very intense day of recording at the studio!

What was unexpected was recording that we are going to have TWO piano solos of mine on the EP!

I can't wait until it's all done and have you all hear my very first creations of my songs when I very first started songwriting and composing, which was 5 years ago!

To keep things rolling for all you friends and fans who support me, I want you to know that I have to start now to spread the love and support you have for me! I am an artist who writes positive inspirational songs and one of my wristbands now contain some lyrics from my EP! Head to my storefront tomorrow morning and order!  I can't wait for you all to have a little piece of me with you!  

Now, it's time for me to get everything else together! Hello photographers/videoographers, and finalizing the details of my EP very soon!

This is a pic of moi with my producer and his assistant!


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