Update #2: I have received a couple more contributions!

I'm so happy that there's two other people that I know of, one is a distant friend, and the other one is a local friend, who contributed to my crowdfunding!


Steve C.   (I won't disclose their last names)....for donating from Illinois!  THANK YOU!

Mike M.  who will be receiving my music and a handwritten thank you letter from me! Thank you, Torontonian friend of mine!


I made a boo-boo in my calculations of how much I spent in making this album....it should be $5300...so here goes...recalculations:

Total for EP              :$5300

Goal to raise            :$2000 

Raised                      :$78 (3.9% raised)

Remaining                :$1922


I know that's not a lot...and I have very little time on my hands to promote my crowdfunding....but I will continue, when I can, promote my crowdfunding.  I just spent hours uploading my music correctly in the right channels and registering my music properly...so as you can see, I'm spending every minute in my life doing this, on top of work!  I have to keep up with paying my bills!  I'll give shoutouts to them on social media very soon!  

If you like to support me in my crowdfunding, I appreciate every penny and every thought and everything that you do for me!  For me to raise this amount already is a blessing to me..!  I never thought I could raise that money!

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