Update #1: I received my first couple of orders in my crowdfunding!

Hello everyone!

Just a short little update right now!  I've been busy with many many things, and just wanted to give a tiny shoutout (and I will do a proper one later today) to a lovely person, who made his first donation to my EP!  Thank you, to wherever you are!

Shoutout to my friend from the ukulele community online, that I'll be sending her my digital download and a handwritten thank-you letter!  I'll get on that soon!

So what's my update of my crowdfunding so far?


Total for EP              :$7000

Goal to raise           : $2000

Raised                      :$20


Every little bit helps.  I hope to continue to raise the goal I have set.  My EP is coming out real soon now and I still have lots to do!

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