My crowdfunding campaign is LIVE NOW!

I can't believe this is really happening, and it is!  My EP is now finally in the manufacturing stage, and basically the final draft of the CD sleeves will be in my hands soon, and once I approve of it, then the production gets ROLLING!

Thank you for being on this page, and reading up on my crowdfunding!  I will keep my blog updated here to share with you all my progress of my campaign!  This is my first time doing this with my own two hands, and I hope with your help, I can reach my goal of crowdfunding $2000 to help me partially cover my total expenses that were incurred for this whole project!


I'm working real hard these days to make sure I pay off the expenses and my daily expenses, but it's hard, if you know me well!

So, cheers to my campaign, and hope that I can reach my goal with your help!  I promise you, I'll send out all those goodies I listed in every reward level!


TOTAL EXPENSES:       $7000



TOTAL RAISED:             $0

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